Shaikh Esam Mohammad Ishaq Abdul Rahman Ishaq

Member Shariah Board

Sheikh Esam Ishaq is amongst the most renowned and respected Shariah scholar in the Islamic finance industry and has an international repute. Sheikh has studied in a number of Islamic study circles with various Sheikhs and students of Shariah. Presently he is an instructor of Fiqh, Aqeeda and Tafseer courses in English and Arabic, in various centers in Bahrain. He also a graduate from McGill University.

Sheikh Esam Ishaq is a Member of Shariah Board of ABPL and Shariah Supervisory Board in Al Baraka Islamic Bank Bahrain. He is also member of Shariah Supervisory Board in ArCapita, Meezan Islamic Bank Pakistan. Shariah Advisor to Bahrain Development Bank and a member of AAOIFI.