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Agri Financing

Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited (ABPL) has now offered a comprehensive set of Agri products to meet the financing needs of Agriculture sector of Pakistan. ABPL’s Agri Finance Product Program has been devised to encompass all the possible financial needs of the aforementioned sector. Hence, the Product Program consists of a range of products developed to meet the working capital requirements (crop sector and non-crop sector financing for the purchase of crop inputs as well as to meet day-to-day expenses) and also cater to the development / long-term financing needs (such as for construction of broiler, layer, feed mills, control sheds, for the purchase of farm implements, solar powered tube wells, harvesters and allied machinery, for purchase of cattle under livestock farm development) and tractor financing to facilitate purchase of tractors

Al-Baraka Zarai Finance Schemes
ABPL has a wide range of following Agri products to meet the financial needs of the farmer

  • Al Baraka Khalyan Finance:
  • For purchase of Inputs for Crop Production (i.e. seeds, fertilizer, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, weedicides, manual sprayers, etc. as mentioned in the Indicative Credit Limits & List of Eligible Items.

  • Al Baraka Poultry, Dairy & Fish (PDF) Farming:
  • To meet day to day expense requirement of Livestock & Dairy / Poultry / Fish farming individuals / firms to support:

    a) Livestock / Dairy :

    • Purchase of Livestock for meat processing.
    • May also include purchase of milk yielding cows and buffaloes, milk storage chilling tanks,
      refrigeration plants and milk carrying containers, distribution vehicles etc.

    b) Poultry:

    • To Finance for all poultry related activities including purchase of feed, birds/ day old
      chicks, feed raw material, vaccination, vitamin and other medication for poultry birds, saw
      dust, wood, coal, water filter cartages, etc.

    c) Fish Farming:

    • To Finance nets & ropes, purchase of medicines / feed / seed and other related

  • Al Baraka Poultry Farm Development Finance:
  • For construction of broiler, layer, breeder and hatchery farms and feed mills, control sheds, automatic drinkers, / tube feeders, generators, ventilators, distribution vehicles, etc.

  • Al Baraka Khushali Finance:
  • ABPL Khushali Financing is meant to facilitate farmers / agriculturists for purchase of Farm implements, transportation, Solar Powered Tube wells, Harvesters, allied machinery etc.

  • Al Baraka Livestock Farm Finance:
  • The product is for purchase of Goat, Sheep, cows & buffaloes and Cattle.

  • Al Baraka Tractor Financing:
  • ABPL Tractor Financing is meant to facilitate farmers / agriculturists for purchase of Tractors


1. Zarai Pass Book
2. Fard Malkiat.
3. Khasra gardawri , Aks shjrah.
4. Schedule rate/ ASV / PIU’s.
5. Residence Utility bill.
6. Six month Bank Account statement.
7. Valid Quotations (If applicable)

Contact Center:
Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited is catering to all sort of Agri financing needs through the branch network, which spreads across all major districts of the country.

Call Us: +92(21)-111-113-442

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