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Debit Card

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Debit Card

We, at Al Baraka, constantly strive to enhance our customer’s banking experience by providing them with Shariah compliant products and services.

Al Baraka has partnered with ‘UnionPay International’, to give our customers the ‘Al Baraka UnionPay Debit Card’, which not only gives them instant access to over 4,500 ATMs throughout the country but also allows them to transact freely on more than 30,000 merchant locations in Pakistan. Internationally, UnionPay is accepted in more than 140 countries across the globe.

Now, you don’t have to carry cash, while shopping, dining or fueling your car. Look for the UnionPay logo (similar to the one on your Debit Card) and use your card with absolute ease and comfort. Your new Al Baraka UnionPay debit card enables you to benefit from a host of services including cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, mini-statement, funds transfer (within Al Baraka), Inter Bank Funds Transfer and Utility Bill Payment Services through ATM. (conditions apply).

Key Debit Card benefits to the customers are:

  • Instant and real time payments through direct debit of account.
  • Can be used electronically, where the customer may not want to use a Credit card.
  • No hassle of rushing to the ATMs and withdrawing cash.
  • No need to carry cash, while going for shopping, dining or fueling your car.
  • Convenience of accessing the funds in your account 24 x 7.
  • The risk of dealing in cash, minimized.
  • Local and international usage

Comply Islamic Banking:

  • an Islamic Banking compliant product as it is a non-interest based service.
  • Can be used to attract customers who are not willing to use credit cards but are forced to use it because of global acceptance and ease of payment, especially during traveling and emergency.

Global Acceptance

  • The debit card is accepted globally through available international delivery channels. The network of PoS terminal is growing constantly, giving global acceptance to cardholders in more than 140 countries around the globe.

More Card security:

  • The Debit Card can only be used ‘Electronically’, which means lesser probability of fraudulent attempts on customer’s card.

Easy Traveling

  • Debit cards save the customer from carrying cash or writing cheques when they travel. Neither do they have to look for ATMs while travelling locally.