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Sarparast Frequently Asked Questions

How is it shariah compliant?

It is our commitment to put our customers’ values foremost, hence providing them with the banking solutions that are in line with their beliefs. ABPL products and services are approved by the bank’s Shariah Advisor Justice (R) Khalil-ur-Rehman Khan, who has served as Chairman on the Shariat Appellate Bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and has been the Rector of the International Islamic University, Islamabad. He is assisted by Mufti Abdullah Najeeb as Deputy Shariah Advisor.
Why should I avail the AL Baraka “Sarparast- Family Takaful Plan”?

Al Baraka Sarparast helps you save that gives you market comparable returns in order to have the required resources to carry out your future plans, whether it is for higher education or marriage of your child or the purchase of your house. Simultaneously you enjoy a Takaful cover, which would allow your family to have the required funds available in case of death.

What is the minimum and maximum contribution that I can make?

The minimum annual contribution under the plan is Rs. 56,000; whereas there is no limit to maximum contribution.

What are the applicable ages and minimum duration of this plan?

  • Minimum joining age is 18 years.
  • Maximum joining age is 60 years.  
  • Minimum duration is 7 years.  
  • Maximum age at maturity cannot exceed 70 years.


How soon can I get this plan?

Mostly Al Baraka Sarparast cases are approved within 30 minutes and you can confidently possess your tailor-made Takaful plan.

Does the plan offer any free look period?

14 days free look period as per the SECP requirements.

Can I access* my savings when I need them?

Yes, you can access your Al Baraka Sarparast investment account as and when you wish.

Is there any medical examination* required before I can buy this plan?

For Al Baraka Sarparast, there is no medical requirement.

Can I make any additional contribution* to the Takaful Plan?

Yes, you can make contributions at any time during the plan term.  The minimum amount of this must be PKR 56,000.

Who handles claims?

Claims will be submitted at any branch of Al Baraka and they will be processed at Pak-Qatar Family Takaful.
What is Surplus Sharing and how does that make a difference?

Surplus sharing is a key concept in Takaful and differentiates Takaful from conventional insurance. All contributions paid under Takaful are meant to guarantee two benefits; one a death benefit that is guaranteed by contributions to the Waqf fund and the other is the maturity value that is steadily built up through contributions to your Al Baraka Sarparast investment account. In case of any surplus in the Individual Family Takaful Participants Fund, this surplus is distributed among the participants in proportion to your net contribution into fund.  This surplus amount will be given to you in the shape of additional units being added to your Al Baraka investment account.

What if I have any queries or complaints?
You can contact any branch of Al Baraka or call at the call center at (021) 111 11 3442.

What are the benefits payables under this plan?


At maturity of the Al Baraka Sarparast plan you will receive the cash value in your investment account.


In case of death, during the term of the plan, the sum covered or the cash value, whichever is higher, will be paid to the beneficiary of the deceased.


Al Baraka Sarparast – Family Takaful Plan has two investment strategies for you to choose from.  These investments are be managed by Pak-Qatar Family Takaful. You have the option to decide what proportion of the investment should go in which strategy and this choice may be adjusted at any time during the year without any charges for up to 3 switches a year.

Two investment strategies are:

SARPARAST CASH STRATEGY:  Primarily placements in Islamic Bank, Sukuks, etc.
SARPARAST EQUITY STRATEGY:  Primarily investments made in Shariah Compliant Mutual Funds and Shariah Compliant Equity.

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