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Shariah Committee

At Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Ltd, products and services are approved by Bank’s Shariah Committee, which consists of renowned Shariah Scholars.

Sarparast Disclaimer

  • The under write of Al Baraka Sarparast – Family Takaful Plan Pak Qatar Family Takaful Ltd.
  • Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Ltd. is only acting as a distributor of this Takaful product.
    The rate of return in the projected cash flows is not guaranteed and it is not the upper or lower limit of what you might get back. 
  • The final cash value of Al Baraka “Sarparast – Family Takaful Plan” is dependent on number of factors including future investment performance. The cash value and benefits shown assume that premiums are paid in full when due.
  • Al Baraka will not be responsible in any manner if your application or claim is rejected nor Al Baraka will investigate or provide any opinion on merits of the claim.
  • Pak Qatar Family Takaful backs all guarantees mentioned in this website. The bank is not responsible or liable for the performance of Pak Qatar Family Takaful on this part.
  • Pak Qatar Family Takaful is registered and supervised by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.
  • Past performance is not an indicative of future results therefore customer is advised to understand the terms and conditions of the plan.

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