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Al Baraka Basic Banking Account

Al Baraka Basic Banking Account

An Islamic Basic Banking Account designed for those customers who wish to avail all the facilities of Islamic Current Account without worrying about the minimum balance and other requirements associated with this type of account.

Salient Features

  • A Pak Rupee current account with no minimum balance requirements
  • No profit / return will be paid to the depositor on the balance maintained in the account
  • Can be opened with as low as Rs. 100/=
  • No minimum balance requirement and no penalty for low balances
  • Unlimited and free access to cash withdrawals through ABPL’s ATM network.
  • Transactions on non-ABPL ATMs will be charged as per the Schedule of Charges
  • Statement of account will be issued once a year
  • Other services will be provided as per prevailing Schedule of Charges
  • Additional benefits such as e-Statement, 24/7 Phone Banking, SMS Banking

The ABPL Basic Banking Account is based on the Islamic principle of Qarz, whereby the customer is the lender and the bank is the borrower. Customer funds are invested with utmost care in halal business ventures only, and are payable, on demand, with neither any addition and/or penalty.

  • Individuals (18 years & above)

For more information, kindly visit our branch or call us on 111-113-442.