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Access your account (s) with the click of a button. Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited (ABPL) introduces eStatement that allows you to read or print and reconcile your deposit account(s) statements online. Available for all the rupee and foreign currency account holders, all you need is access to your e-mail account to receive your eStatement.

eStatement simplified

Our customers now have the option to receive their bank statements via e-mail on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis. Choose from the various free-of-cost options available to promote a paper-free environment.


Printed statements can be misplaced. eStatements stay in your inbox which makes it easier for you to organize and access your account details anywhere and anytime.

ABPL’s eStatement has been made digitally secured through ‘VeriSign’.

Am I eligible and how do I apply?

All account holders will be able to avail this facility. Simply fill in the form and drop it at your nearest branch from our nation-wide (Branch) network.

Call Us: +92(21)-111-113-442