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Inter Bank Fund Transfers

IBFT is a locally and internationally acclaimed concept of transferring funds instantly from one account to another account.  In Pakistan, it is done among different (1Link) member banks’ customers, across the country.

The need for IBFT service has grown with increased awareness, education and enhanced lifestyles of people. It not only eliminates the hassle of writing cheques, making Payment Orders (or demand drafts etc.), but also reduces the cost of transaction significantly, while increasing the outreach of customer.

Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) is a real-time service, where funds are transferred instantly, from one account in a bank to another account of another bank, across the country, round-the-clock.

For Al Baraka Customers, Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) is currently available on all Al Baraka ATMs.

IBFT Network

Allied Bank Limited Askari Bank Bank Alfalah
Bank Al Habib BankIslami Pakistan Bank of Punjab
Faysal Bank HBL Dubai Islamic Bank
Silk Bank Meezan Bank JS Bank
Standard Chartered Sind Bank Limited Soneri Bank
United Bank Limited Tameer Bank
  • There is no prior registration requirement to use IBFT on ATMs
  • If you need to transfer Funds from your account, you will need an Al Baraka ATM Card to transfer funds through IBFT on ATMs.
  • However, if you need to receive funds through IBFT, there is no need for an ATM card- your unique 13 digit account number will be all that will be needed.
  • The funds can be transferred to any account of the member banks on 1-Link IBFT network.
  • Charges will be applicable according to Schedule of Charges (SOC).
  • There is a daily limit of PKR 250,000/- on IBFT transactions

  • There is an option of Inter Bank Funds Transfer on the main menu,
  • After selecting the IBFT from the main menu, you will be given a choice to select the Bank
  • The member banks are listed in alphabetical order.
  • After the bank is selected, the system will ask you for an Account Number and the Amount to be transferred.
  • The summary of the Transaction will be shown, where a confirmation will be needed from the user to proceed further.
  • The confirmation screen will show the following:
    • Beneficiary’s Account Number
    • Beneficiary’s Title of Account:
    • Beneficiary’s Banks Name
    • Branch Name: (if entered by the member bank, otherwise this field is Blank)
    • Amount to be Transferred:
  • The user will have the right to cancel the request at this time, or proceed with the confirmation.
  • If the user confirms to proceed with the transaction, a receipt will be printed for the user and subsequently an SMS message will be sent to the user (if the user is registered for SMS Banking)

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